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Updates and Introductions

Welcome, let me Introduce myself...


My name is Carl C. Foley. I'm 18 and work at a movie theater. I love Alfred Hitchcock and movie in general and I hope to become a film director.  I created this site becasue I know how people don't like reviews from Ebert & Roper, and others becasue they base their review on how it feels not how it make you fee. My reviews give both. I want you to see movies worth the seven or eight dollars and movies that open your eyes or just entertain you. i hope you like this site and if you have any suggestion or commets email me at
In the future I'll post updates on upcoming movies like Saw 3 (October 27th, 2006) and new pages that will be added on soon! So keep a look out! And thanks for using my site, I hope you come back soon!
        -Carl C. Foley 6-22-06

All reviews are the personal opinion of Carl C. Foley. They do not reflect those involved with the films reviewed.  Also, no film critics feelings are meant to be hurt. I still love you Roger (Ebert)!