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Ultra Violet (2006)
       The previews make Ulte Violet look kick ass and since it has Resident Evil's Milla Jovovich, it has to be good. Right? WRONG!!! Ultra Violet relies too much on special effects that are extremley fake.  The script sucks and makes Milla sound as if she has never acted before in her life. The direction is irritaing as it spins and bounces and zooms every which way.  It jumps into the action way to quickly, and doesn't relay on good acting or direction. Just, as said, cheesy effects.  This review will be brief and I hope you only see this if your high, or have no mind.  Ultra Violet gets an F.

Reviews Coming Soon: The Libertine, Final Destination 3,
                                                          The Matador

All reviews are the personal opinion of Carl C. Foley. They do not reflect those involved with the films reviewed.  Also, no film critics feelings are meant to be hurt. I still love you Roger (Ebert)!