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  The Omen (2006)
  A remake of the 1976 cult classic, a familty discovers that their five year old son, Damien ,may hold the key to the end of the world and must be stopped before he takes hold of his families empire.
  As you know, The Omen, is the remake of the '76 version starring Gregory Peck and Lee remnick.  Starring in the remake are Liev Schrieber (Scream 1-3) as Robert Thorn, Julia Stiles (Save The Last Dance) are Kathy Thorn, Mia farrow (Rosemary's Baby) as Mrs. Baylock, and new comer Seamus-Davey Fitzpatrick as the dark Damien. Co-stars include Michael Gambon (Sleepy Hollow, Harry Potter series) and Pete Postlethwaite (Jurassic Park 2). The cast gives their all, and does a damn good job at a remake. Liev is firm and holds his spot the entire film as a man with no fiath but thrown into a horrifying ordeal.  He never loses you and this is his best performance in years.  Julia Stiles plays a mother for the first time and does pretty well. There are times her acting seems robotic but that is only a few lines. Her horrfied looks and words hold you over until a climax that will have you gasping. Mia Farrow is fantastic.  She takes the role of the notorious nanny with a good/bad look. She actually does a better job then the orginal woman who played the nanny in 1976. Mia gives her best performance in years and is absolutley... damn good!  And Seamus-Davey Fitzpatrick puts a whole new face unto Damien.  With less than five lines he still uses facial expressions to tell all.  He is much better than the orginal and he scares the shit out of you.  His charm and decit is a grand combination and is why this movie works.  Jumping into the directors seat is John Moore (Behind Enemey Lines, Flight of the Phoenix remake). His talent is undescribable and he manages to bring back the Hitchcock suspense, which only Craven and Spielberg manage to do often. Moore uses red (a little too much) to put evil in our heads and keep us uncomfortable, in a good way.  No shot is bad and overall Moore has created the perfect thiller/horror film worth watching. The screenplay is written by the same man who wrote the orgian Omen, David Seltzer.  He stays close to the first Omen but adds and updates it, taking advantage of all the recent events such as 9/11, shuttle disaters, flood, the Popes death, ect. to make us realize the end could be near (read Revelation 8:7 out of the bible to get a feel).  The screenplay overall is good except the fact to much was left the same, but in a good way.  Marco  Beltrami composes an errie score and sends chills all over you.  His new score is fitting and loud, giving us the nail bitting experince we all love in a horror film.  The Omen is a fast paced thriller and is worth the cash. A few moments may dull you but overall the film is on going and a great thiller.  Its not very gory or slashed up, but for fans of first Omen or the francise and any fan of thillers, this is a must. My grade for The Omen (2006) is an A. Go see it now! I promise you'll love it.
Sorry for misspelled words!

Superman Returns (2006)
         Roger Ebert gave Superman Returns two stars saying it wasn't as good as the first four Superman films, that it relied too much on effects, and the plot was loose.  Well, screw you Ebert!  Superman Returns is an outstanding comeback to a series that has laid dead for two decades.  Its kick ass and did for the Superman franchise what Batman Begins did for the Bats franchise.  Fans of the original Superman films may be sad because Chris Reeve isn't the man of Steel.  Along with that no original actor has returned to the film.  But just like Bond or Batman, it works.  Its nice to see a new face, even though the new guy looks a lot like Reeve.  The cast includes newcomer Brandon Roth as Superman, Kate Bosworth (Beyond the Sea) as Lois Lane, Kevin Spacey (Beyond the Sea, Edison) as Lex Luthor, James Marsden (X-Men series) as Richard, and Eva Marie Saint (Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest) as Clark Kent's mother. The entire cast works great together and Roth and Bosworth have a great chemistry together.  The tension and love-hate between Supreman and Lane is also demonstrated very well.  Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor was a great choice. He brings the real evil out of Luthor and he plays one of the best on screen villians I've ever seen (next to Jack Nicholson as The Joker).  The rest of the cast each puts their own touch to the film to make it a well oiled train of chemistry.  The direction by Byran Singer (X-Men, X2: X-Men United) is outstanding and fantastic. this is his best film yet and he did a great job at brining the Man of Steel out of the ashes.  The screenplay by Micael Dougherty (X2: X-Men United) and Dan Harris (also X2) is easy flowing and gripping.  There is not a waisted moment and the words with direction make a bitchin' film.  The music by  John Ottman (Fantasic Four) is well played and fits in perfectly with the film.  And of course the theme from the original franchise by John Williams (Jaws, Star Wars) is mixed in ansd played in full with a fantastic touch. Overall Superman is back and this time he's more well dressed and less cheesy.  Fans of Reeve, don't be sad, go see this great film, i promise you'll love it.  I give Superman Returns an A++ for being a comeback that will last.
If you like Batman Begins, X-Men movies, or Spiderman, you'll love Superman returns.

All reviews are the personal opinion of Carl C. Foley. They do not reflect those involved with the films reviewed.  Also, no film critics feelings are meant to be hurt. I still love you Roger (Ebert)!